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Onem® is an interdisciplinary artist from Monterrey, Mexico, whose passion for nature, folklore, surrealism, sci-fi, and fantasy fuels his creative pursuits. Onem’s professional journey has been both diverse and extensive, encompassing marketing, graphic design, computer science, and the arts. In May 2016, he received a Masters (ALM) degree in Digital Media Art and Instructional Design from Harvard University, where he had the privilege of being mentored by renowned art expert Annette Lemiux. He also holds a certificate in Strategic Planning from Harvard GSD and has recently graduated from the Pictoplasma academy.

Onem began his career in 2005, working as an intern for Hani Rashid at Asymptote Architecture in New York City. Today, he focuses on his artistic career and commercial work at Onem Studio. Additionally, he contributes his expertise as a Digital Media Art Specialist to well-known digital marketing agencies and international companies, including VIACOM, Nickelodeon, ADOBE, Televisa Networks, among others.

Onem’s artwork has been exhibited and published internationally, earning him numerous accolades such as the Latin American Illustration award in New York City, Best Book in Show at Harvard University, and Reed Latino in Washington DC. Furthermore, he is a dedicated art teacher at the University of Monterrey UDEM and a devoted traveler, husband, and father of two lovely children.



2019 Latin American Illustration 6. Angel Orensanz Center . New York ,USA.
2019 Dawns. Leun Arte Habitación Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico .
2018 Otros yo 3. Pictoplasma . Berlin, Germany
2017 Otros Yo 2. Art Basel . Miami Florida, USA.
2017 Otros yo. Museo Franz Meyer . Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Pictoclan 2. Rojo Bermelo . Mexico City, Mexico
2017 PictoClan, Deportivo San Agustín . Monterrey, Mexico
2017 Latin American Illustration 6. Angel Orensanz Center . New York ,USA.
2016 Calaveras 3 Pabellón M Monterrey México
2016 Calaveras 2. Explanada de las esculturas. Santiago, Nuevo Leon Mexico.
2015 Calavera 1. Plaza Cultural Plaza Fatima. San Pedro Garza Garcia Monterrey Mexico.
2015 Shamanauts . Casa Valencia Gallery., San Diego California U.S.A.
2014 Trifulca. Vía 360 Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.
2014 All u need is love. Casa Morelos Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.
2012 Ilustrando en Galápagos. Regia Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.
2012 Divine Feminine. The Temple Studio. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2012 SOS Artists Choice. Somerville Museum. Somerville, MA, USA.
2011 Epiphaneia. Crema Cafe, Harvard Square. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2011 La Tribu. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.Group Class Exhibition. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2011 Sanguijuelas. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts ,Group Class Exhibition, Cambridge, MA, USA.
2011 20 Books VII. Harvard Extension School. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2011 Politics begin at Home. The Temple Studio. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2010 II Bienal Arte Contemporaneo. Parque Fundidora Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.
2010 Subsuelo 1.0. 521 Gallery. San Pedro GG, Mexico.
2010 Human After Dark. Taller Mecánico Gallery. San Pedro, GG, Mexico.
2010 Swimming in the Flood. Escénica Concert Hall. Monterrey, México.
2010 Viernes 13. Taller Mecánico Gallery. San Pedro, GG, México
2010 Guachapore. MCV Gallery. Culiacan, Mexico.
2010 Invasion Toy. Rojo Bermelo Art Store. Monterrey, Mexico.
2009 Maria Cabeza de Vaca. MVC Gallery. Culiacan, Mexico.
2009 Awake Co. Club Campestre las Misiones Garden. Monterrey, Mexico.

2012 Diseño Punto MX. Tec de Monterrey. Monterrey, Mexico.
2012 Ubique. Leun Arte Habitacion Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico .
2010 Pla-Kad. Paseo San Pedro Art Space. Monterrey, Mexico.
2009 DIMENSIONES. De La Torre Gallery . Monterrey, Mexico.


2019 Latin American Illustration 8 – Winner , New York US
2017 Latin American Illustration 6 – Winner , New York USA
2017 Pictoplasma Academy – Selected Artist-. Mexico City . Mexico
2016 Reed Latino Awards. Nominado a Mejor Herramienta de Innovación electoral.
2011 Harvard Extension School – Best Book in show at 20 Books VII. Cambridge, MA, USA.
2011 Photography Served by Behance featured project. Internet
2010 II Bienal de Arte Sacro Contemporaneo, Selected Artwork. Monterrey, Mexico.
2007 State Youth Award of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey, Mexico
2007 Corian furniture Competition. Honorary mention Monterrey, Mexico.
2005 Staedtler “Urban toys” Winner Best Toy Competition,. Monterrey, Mexico.
Talks and presentations.
2016 Carnada visual.® Victory awards. Georgetown University. Washington D.C USA.
2016 SVGS and animation . Computer labs. Harvard extension school. Cambridge MA USA.


2020 Dessinganare Catalina La Catrina Interview . CDMX Mexico
2019 Latin American Illustration 8 annual book , 1 page , New York USA
2018 Mexico Primero Digital News. Interview . Mexico
2017 Latin American Illustration 6 annual book , 2 pages , New York USA
2017 Campaings and Elections Interview and cover , Mexico
2014 Epicentro Mexico News. Interview. Monterrey, Mexico.
2012 El Debate newspaper. TONICA Magazine ,Interview. Sinaloa, Mexico.
2012 Look Blog. Info7 News Interview. Internet.
2011 Harvard Crimson blog. Publication. Internet.
2011 Mitosis 010. Magazine. Interview. Monterrey, Mexico.
2011 La Tempestad Magazine. Publications # 24 and 25. Monterrey, Mexico.
2010 Bank de Luxembourg. Artwork at annual bank report. Paris, France.
2010 El Norte newspaper . Publication. Monterrey, Mexico
2010 Las Bellas Artes Magazine. Interview . Leon, Mexico
2008 El Noroeste newspaper. Publication. Culiacan, Mexico
2007 Club Campestre Las Misiones Magazine. Publication. Monterrey, Mexico.
2006 ArkFocus Magazine. office and works at KBH arkitekter publication. Denmark.